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Blocked Drains and Sewer Pipes?

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If your toilet is flushing too slowly or your sink is not draining as you would expect you may have a blockage in your sewer or drain pipe.

Usually blockages are caused by tree roots or debris build up in the pipe. These type of blockages can quickly lead to further damage and more costly repairs if left unattended. Many homes, apartment buildings and businesses in Key may already have built up debris partially blocking their drainage pipes.

At Kew Local Plumbers we use the most up to date technology, such as CCTV drain cameras, to quickly identify, locate and remove blockages from sewers and drainage pipes.

CCTV Drain Camera Technology

We use a CCTV drain camera to locate and identify the cause of a blocked pipe. The camera is fed through the pipe until it locates the exact position of the blockage. The camera allows us to see the material causing the blockage in the pipe. The blockage will usually be caused by tree roots, clay, leaves, gravel, or other waste matter built up over time.

Once we know the location and nature of the blockage we will quickly determine the best method to remove it and clear the pipe.


If the damaged pipe is located underground it may need to be exposed for repair. Our excavator is able to gain access to and work in the smallest of backyards. Using the excavator means a much faster repair, less mess and less disruption to the surrounding areas. This will save a considerable amount of both time and cost.

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Pipe blockage removed

A pipe blockage removed successfully

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